What are some red flags when looking at a home?

Homes that sit at the bottom of a highly pitched hill can be less favorable than homes that sit at the top of a hill. When it rains, or if snow melts, where do you think all the water is going to run?- DOWNHILL.

If you walk into a home and smell mildew or if it feels damp, thats a sign there could be hidden water damage or mold. Also, if you notice stains in the ceiling or in the walls, that can normally be a sign of water damage or a leak. If the seller claims it has been fixed, ask for copies of the repair report for review.

Turn the water on in the kitchen and in all the bathrooms. If the water is an odd color, if it smells, or if the water pressure is extremely low, that can be a sign of rust in the pipes or plumbing issues.

The basement always tells on the house. Go to the basement and look for any large cracks in the ground or in the walls. Those are signs that the foundation has been compromised. Also look to see if the walls have black stains, thats usually an indicator of mold.

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